Dental Care

Both dogs and cats are susceptible to dental disease.

Dental disease is not only unpleasant for the pet owner when it results in bad breath, but can cause serious systemic problems in pets as well. Good oral hygiene starts at home with regular brushings and an appropriate diet. When necessary, we may recommend a professional dental cleaning. This includes the removal of harmful tarter, polishing, and a fluoride treatment to help prevent decay. Pets must be anesthetized in order to clean their teeth. Occasionally, if the dental disease is severe, extractions may be necessary.

Dental care tips for dogs and cats:

1. Schedule a dental oral exam for your dog or cat every year

2. Schedule regular dental cleanings as recommended by your veterinarian

3. Brush your pet’s teeth daily or give your pet a dental hygiene chew

4. Serve dog or cat food and treats that control tartar and plaque and promote good dental health